About me

started this blog to practice writing about non-technical ideas in English, and for bookmarking the technical things I learn (mainly keeping track of the tutorials that I follow).

field of work: information visualization, human-computer interaction.

completed Sun certification in JAVA programming language, later also learned python, objective-C, etc. mostly enjoy working in web technologies.

favorite pastime: drinking tea with soothing music and a good book while it rains outside.

some of all time favorite books:
  • works of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Maxim Gorky's autobiographic trilogy
  • little house in the prairie
  • all quiet in the western front
  • foundation (the series)
  • brief history of time
  • inside the atom by Isaac Asimov
  • 100 years in solitude
  • night in Lisbon
  • how the steel was tempered
  • the road back
  • three comrades

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