May 15, 2013

Visualizing World Languages in Wikipedia

After seeing how the population of a language is not correlated with the volume of internet content of that language (although obvious) in the inforgraphics created by Funders and Founders: , I decided to collect the number of Wikipedia articles on those languages. So I collected the data from Wikipedia written in the top 10 languages in the world and made these charts using Excel.

Sorted by Wikipedia articles
Sorted by population
After sorting according to the number of wikipedia articles, I see that although Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the highest number of people in the world, if we rank by the number of the wikipedia articles, Chinese goes to the 6th position. The bad thing about Excel is after I sort the columns, it does not retain the same color for the same language:(

Then again, I decided to see the percentage of articles in those languages, not the percentage in total, rather the proportion among the articles in these languages. So I drew this pie chart: