Feb 10, 2013

Activity on #Shahbag in Twitter: the people, what they are talking, what they are sharing. Part 2

Today, BCC (Bangladesh cricket board) was among the top mentioned accounts within all the tweets that had the #shahbag hashtag. Also, some people are using #shahabag or #shahbagh. It will be better to stick to just one to avoid confusion and to make the trend consistent.

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This time I am looking at how users around the world getting connected through their tweets. Each box is the users from a country. The more people tweeting from that country, the larger the box is. The largest one is indeed the people tweeting from Bangladesh, and our very own Tamim Iqbal is one of the biggest node in that box. Why ? Because here, the sizes are proportional to the number of times other people retweeted their tweets or mentioned them in their tweets. Tamim himself made one tweet on #shahbag, but that one tweet is retweeted 27 times. I am not sure if this is the actual official Twitter account of Tamim or not, but that's definitely inspirational. As today Bangladesh cricket team also expressed their solidarity with the movement, lots of tweets were about that, too. Our other celebrities should also come forward like this.

#Shahbag tweets connecting the world. 
The thick connections between the groups show that people from Bangladesh are connected with the rest of the world, the news from Dhaka are spread around by people in other countries in the form of retweets and replies. My first intuition was that may be mostly the Bangladeshis who are staying abroad are tweeting more, as Twitter is not that popular in Bangladesh (which may have changed in these few days). But this graph proved me wrong, It clearly shows that the biggest group is tweeting from Bangladesh. We are definitely not far behind when it comes to utilizing social media for national priority.

You may not be able to read the names of each country clearly from the image, so I am going to list them here (in decreasing number of people):

Bangladesh, USA, England, India, France, Australia, UAE, Belgium, Kuwait, Colombia, Israel, Singapore, Holland, Nepal, Morocco, Denmark, Thailand, Germany.

Remember that, this is just a snapshot of one hour, this does not include each and every tweet. But gives us a  quick picture of the story.