Feb 15, 2013

Activity on #shahbag in Twitter: part 4

Analysis of Feb 15:

Here people are grouped by their connection and follower-followee relationship. No wonder that at this stage of the movement there are people from both sides, people who are supporting the movement and people who are opposing it. Today (Feb 15), a blogger-activist was murdered who was a supporter of the movement.

The clustered sub-graphs clearly show the difference of opinion and the activeness of people in both sides. I selected the tweets from group 1, the biggest connected group, they follow each other and retweet each others' tweets. Their tweets contain news and anger about the murder of the blogger. The hashtags they used are: bangladesh, jamaat, shibir, thabababa, islam, terrorist, razakar. The top links they shared are the genocide archive of bangladesh, interactive timeline of bangladesh liberation war, and the news about the murder of the blogger.

In contrast, the people in group 4 (the second largest group,  top-right side next to the biggest one) seems to have different opinion, they are opposing the shahbag movement, claiming that the murder of the blogger happened either by govt/police or internal clash. This group has its own follower base and in their tweets they are supporting jamat/shibir and they are also talking about matters different from the movement, like padma bridge, bdr, amnesty, etc.

Here, for anonymity, I have used sphere shape instead of profile pictures, and the bigger nodes are the important ones. Different colors indicate different timezone, here red is USA and Green is Bangladesh. So in both groups, we can see people from different countries are involved.

Using the Twitter stream graph, we can see the trend and what people are talking today: http://www.neoformix.com/Projects/TwitterStreamGraphs/view.php (You can go to this link to create your own)

I omitted the names of the users to prevent their anonymity. But the stream-graph shows what were prevalent topics in Twitter today.