Feb 12, 2013

Activity on #Shahbag in Twitter: part 3

Feb 13:

I am posting on Feb 13 analysis:

Here the icons are sized proportional to the number of times they engaged in a conversation (reply, being replied to, mentioned, being mentioned by someone, retweeted, etc.). And their horizontal position is related to their timezone, so people in USA are in left side, people in Bangladesh are in right side. Also, people at the top newly joined twitter, people at the bottom are long term twitter users (I doubt how often they actually used twitter before this movement!). I selected the 'most talked about' person in this graph and the people who are talking with him or about him (connections shown in red). Any idea why this person is so active and mentioned so many times ? Also, see how some new users became so active within just a few days ?

Feb 12:
I am posting about the data I collected today, Feb 12.

I looked at the graph and realized some people are tweeting alone and they are not connected to other people by retweeting or mentioning others, rather they are kind-of island nodes in the graph. I clustered the graph according to the connected component, drew all the disjoint people at the bottom of the graph, and now we can see that lots of people are just tweeting all by themselves, they are not followed by or following other people.

In Twitter a lot of activities revolve around retweeting, replying to each other, resharing urls and news. If people want to spread a news about some event or topic, then just tweeting new tweets can be exhausting. While some people are surrounded by lots of followers and retweeters, a lot of users either do not know how to connect with others by following them or retweeting them.