Oct 1, 2010

Student poster presentation evening, award ceremony, DJ night at GHC10

Usually conferences are held on the basis of research fields, so we get to meet people who are interested in similar area; unlike that a unique aspect of Grace Hopper conference is that here we can meet people coming from different areas in computer science and engineering and presenting their ideas. It's been long since I heard about system research or wireless technologies, but the poster session was a great retouch upon my memory, I was trying to recall what I learnt about computer architecture or operating systems and was an awesome opportunity for me to get the idea of what is going on in these fields these days and what is to expect in near future. Abrita Chakravarti from Duke University and Tanzima Zerin from Purdue University received the first and second prize for respectively for their best poster at graduate student level. After being selected for semifinals, the semifinalists had to give short presentation about the work presented on their posters, Tanzima was very impressive on her presentation and I anticipated she is going to be one of the finalists and I was right !

The award ceremony on 30th Sep Friday night was super cool, it was almost like the Oscar , haha , and there were music too. After the inspiring speech from CAROL BARTZ (CEO, Yahoo!) and award ceremony, guess what ! we had a DJ Party , yes, the girls were on the dance floor, it's a ladies' night ... and among all these girls, one man, and one man only , google's VP , Alan Eustace, took over the floor with all his charm :D