Oct 1, 2010

Bangladeshi Girl Squad at GHC10

       We left our country and came here for higher education, to receive our Masters or PhD and spread all over USA, and then, aha! Here  we met, at the GHC conference at Atlanta. I see the faces I had known and loved and got inspired .  When we talk about scientific research and modern cutting edge technology, Bangladesh may not be among the topmost countries, but it is a great moment for me to get inspired when I see the number of technical women is increasing in Bangladesh, and after finishing their Bachelor's degree they are coming forth to receive higher education , this year they came from different states of USA, from Texas to Rochester, Illinois to Indiana, Michigan to Maryland. And we met and talked about our research fields, Systems, Computer Architecture, Wireless network, Security, HCI and so on. Tanzima Zerin from Purdue got second prize for her Poster presentation, Fariba Khan from UIUC presented on her PhD thesis on the PhD forum session. Nabila , Shantonu, Sonia all presented their work on the poster competition. When the total number of Bangladeshi girls in higher education  is not yet impressive, it is great to see that those who have reached this far are trying their best to shine their stars.