Oct 3, 2010

Back from GHC10@tlanta, now time to retrospect

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Four awesome days at Atlanta for the Grace Hopper Celebration of women in computing. Had a great time, now buried with home works and projects and undone laundries.

No need to mention how I enjoyed with my friends, but I also enjoyed my Hopper assignments and blogging and tweeting about the selected sessions as a community blogger . Thanks to GATech for arranging the tour to GVU center. And thanks to Kathy who gave us a ride there. The sponsor night at the Georgia Aquarium was one of the best parts of this whole week full of events.

The situation of women is greatly different in different countries, I hope this will be addressed by the respective committees in more detail in upcoming GHCs, but I wonder why in countries like USA , there are still so few women coming forward in computer science in spite of the apparent equal opportunities. In between sessions, I discussed with my fellow students and scholarship recepiants about the speeches given by the venerable keynote speakers. I wish I could be as hard working as them; it's fact that women are still neglected and many families even discourage their daughters to be in technical fields and underestimate their capability, but  if we do not make our passion into something productive then no one will make way for us.
After the award ceremony and super charging speech of Dr Liskov,  me and my friends went to attend the invitation at Nova Ahmed's place, she is an alumni of GATech and with all the food she prepared for us proved again that being a CS researcher does not conflict with being a great cook. The food at Hyatts was not of my taste so Nova apu literally saved us from starvation. Another night we went to have dinner at the Metro Cafe Diner very near to our hotel and enjoyed their karaoke. Poken drew a lot of attention this time, someone lost her poken at the dance floor and the DJ announced, "here is a Token.." and we all cried out "this is POKEN, not Token ", haha ..