Nov 25, 2009

Squirrel emergency solved

It was scary...I was hearing sounds, felt like someone was sneaking around, but every time I went downstairs I could not find anyone or anything and guessed that may be my roommate's cats were playing around. But this morning I found the cats were also getting crazy and they were scratching the fireplace window, crying for help. At first I thought some birds or rat got stuck into our fireplace , first I saw its eyes, is it a bird ! now I could see it, a big rat..with a big tail..oh my GOD, now I have to deal with rats :(( when I went closer, I figured out it was actually a squirrel, jumped down into the chimney and then imprisoned itself inside our fireplace.
We never lite fire , so the fireplace is always closed. My job was easy- open the window and let it out. But I was not sure how to deal with the cat situation, the squirrel already wounded himself struggling its way out and the cats were mad because they were not sure what the hell was making the wired noise for hours. I was relieved that at least it was no thief or rat or bird. It would be harder to handle those creatures. What if I cannot let it out ? Will it drop dead inside the fireplace ? I never opened the fireplace and was not even sure if my landlady would be ok with that. Finally we managed to take the cats away, open the fireplace and now it's time to get the squirrel out, but after seeing us, humans, it got scared and then we tried to lure it out with foods, kept the door opened and hid behind the stairs, after a while it realized that no human is going to attack and went outside , I was also relieved that no living creature is going to die inside my chimney , at least for the time being.