Apr 16, 2009

Mount using NFS in Ubuntu

We can use NETWORK FILE SYSTEM protocol , NFS , to share file in linux distributions.
we just have to follow some easy steps and then we are done, the nfs client machine is the one that can use a shared mount point of another machine. The machine that shares or exports its one or more directory to the client machine is called the nfs server. So if directory 'shared' is in the nfs server and some directory 'abc' in the client machine is mounted to access it using nfs, we can access the contents of the directory 'shared' from the client machine as all content of that directory will be available on directory 'abc'.

There I found very useful and easy steps:

So, /etc/exports file is to be modified in the server machine to define which directory is to be shared, who can access it, to what extent and with what type of permission ( add entry for directory 'shared').

/etc/fstab file is to be edited for new entry in the client one to define which directory is to be considered as a mount point ( add entry for directory 'abc' ).