Mar 15, 2009

Higher Studies-1

yes, the breathtaking, suffocating wait is over now, I have at last got my admission offer.. and not from only one university, what a relief.. after all the sleepless nights, efforts and praying, Allah bestowed His blessings upon me, and it was more than I deserved !
It was hard to make the decision, which university should I select to apply to, and what was my chances ? Am I really capable of ? Am I being too optimistic ? Am I being too negative about myself by not applying to the big names ? I still cannot figure out what was the algorithm to choose those 10 among the list of 00 universities of USA and Canada..
And now I have to choose which university's offer to accept ! Ya, it feels good to have options though there's always the risk of making the wrong decision, but that's life, and we always need to choose.
I finally decided to go for University of Maryland , college park, one of the big names that come when we talk about higher studies in Computer Science, so I was more than happy to get their acceptance.
Then comes the time for preparation !