Nov 28, 2008

terrorist attack in Mumbai

After the violent terrorist attack on Mumbai people from all over the world have cast their eyes on India. Live telecast on news channels are broadcast. Frightening faces of horror are published in newspapers and websites .. people have been killed mercilessly.. but would the situation be same if the attack had been on distressed poor people ? instead of the luxurious hotel Taj the attacks could be on slums and more people might get killed.. but then there won't be so much concerns about security ans we son't see such commando operations to save the lives of normal working class people..

Nov 20, 2008

tea, coffee, coke !!!

I read this post and those who visit my blog may find it interesting, so I am quoting some of the interesting parts..

The original Coca-Cola was a late-nineteenth-century concoction known as Pemberton's French Wine Coca, a mixture of alcohol, the caffeine-richkola nut, and coca, the raw ingred ient of cocaine. In the face of social pressure, first the wine and then the coca were removed, leaving the more banal modern beverage in its place: carbonated, caffeinated sugar water with less kick to it than a cup of coffee. But is that the way we think of Coke?Not at all. In the nineteen-thirties, a commercial artist named Haddon Sundblom had the bright idea of posing a portly retired friend of his in a red Santa Claus suit with a Coke in his hand, and plastering the image  on billboards and advertisements across the  country. Coke, magically, was reborn as caffeine for children, caffeine without any of the weightyadult connotations of coffee and tea.

Today, of course, the chief cultural distinction is between coffee and tea,
which, according to a list drawn up by Weinberg and Bealer, have come to represent almost entirely opposite sensibilities:
Coffee Aspect
Tea Aspect

Nov 1, 2008

Security Holes in Wireless Sensor Network

It's now a major challenge in the development of wireless network ans yes, I am talking about security. May be the industry is not paying much attention as they are paying for cost effectiveness and energy efficiency, but we cannot deny its affect.I found a good explanatory article about it on IEEE computer society magazine:

Denial-of-Service in Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks and Defenses

If the network follows cluster head based routing protocol, then it will be sufficient to break the network simply by breaking the cluster heads by broadcasting jamming signals with same frequency but with more power.The opponent can find the cluster heads by determining the Voronoi Diagram of the network node topology and then make any possible attack on those nodes. But if the nodes can identify which packets are sent from its own network and which are not , then the opponent might disable the nodes, but not make them receive wrong information ans the nodes will not respond to the malicious packets.