Aug 30, 2008

Friends, my favourite series ever

it's the hilarious show ever, and not only on TV. actually the first time I watches it on tv, I was not that amazed, but when I got the DVDs I just became a fan at once.
may be the timing acted as a catalyst, as my final exam was going on and everything except study seems the most precious at that moment- after finishing every episode I told myself, okey, this is the last one, I will start preparing my lessons after that..and this way the whole night passed by.

but even now, when I have almost memorized all the dialogues, and the jokes became stale, I still like it. sometimes I get nostalgic remembering my friends while watching the episodes. the emotions and the ineractions between the characters depict something beyond humor and may be that's why it won hearts of people round the globe and still winning.