Feb 21, 2008

Russian novel

As a book-freak I always admire Russian literature, specially novel. One of my all time favorites is "How the steel was tempered", I can't pronounce its original Russian name though. I first read the Bangla translation which is titled as "Eeshpaat" that means 'steel ' in Bangla, published from Raduga publishers . I was searching for the english translation for long and at last I found it on this web site.

I was so mesmorized by this story that I almost fell in love with Pavel Korchagin (the central character of the novel ). The story is a fictionalized autobiography of the author Nikolai Ostrovsky.
As it depicts the period of Bolshevik movement, we can clearly understand that this book is not much available nowadays, not even in amazon.com !

I also found many other books which I liked during my school days.
Now I am being a bit nostalgic finding them after such a long time !!