Jan 28, 2008

Cox's Bazar: Natural wonder of Bangladesh

I was brought up in Chittagong, so I was lucky to visit the Cox's Bazar beach several times in my childhood...with my parents and grand parents. It was so regular for me that I never realized how wonderful it is to walk beside the sea and watch the sun slowly drowning into it. I had no idea that the waves touching my feet are actually part of the Bay of Bengal which falls in the Indian ocean.The greatest fun for me then was to drive the crows away and follow the crab raising their heads from their sand hide outs.Later I came to know that this one is the largest beach in the planet. Now I am really happy that Cox's Bazar is at the top of the recently nominated 77 natural wonders of earth.

I hope it will be one of the natural 7 wonders because it is truly a wonder. The voting process for natural 7 wonders of world is still going on. Please visit http://www.new7wonders.com/nature/en/liveranking/ to view the current ranking.