Dec 2, 2007

our Sundarban, my Sundarban ...

It was the best of our time- when life seemed so wonderful that we each could declare ourselves a king, as if we don't know the definition of sadness and worry doesn't recognize us ! And what can be the best place for a monarch to build up his dream castle rather than in midst of mother could declare ourselvesnature !
so did we..and who needs to look farther when we have our SUNDARBAN ?

We started from Dhaka on February 3rd,2007 . The journey was no less worthier than the destination. After 2 days of river-journey , Sundarban embraced us with all her beauty and mystery. Whatever comes to my site, it feels like they are just waiting for me for all these years and whispering their welcome notes..all the trees emerging from lake-ground, the rainbow covering the whole horizon, even the deer that fled away out of fear seeing all these humans-seemed to have the deepest bond with me, as I have known them long since.
When we reached the beach I was mesmerized, the vastness of water had some kind of "killer" cannot hold yourself back.When I returned, I just left a piece of my soul in the shore and I have to go back there one day to find it.
Wish I could bring that whole beach with me !

This is the largest mangrove forest in earth, some portions of the jungle are listed in the UNESCO world heritage . We do have the right to be proud of the sundarbans . But in this case love certainly supersedes pride.

And now it's december, we lost our golden time and most painfull thing-- Sundarban lost it's treasures in Sidr..this cyclone devastated our economy, taken our lives, and destroyed a bigger part of the beautiful forest. It showed its calamity for only one day and whole Bangladesh will be suffering the result for long, don't know for how many days and month the victims whose everything washed away in the cyclone will be waiting for a handful of rice. But I am being a bit selfish, the helpless faces , the orphaned children can draw out tears from my eyes, still the deepest shock to me is the loss caused in's like loosing one of my own possessions, a personal loss , a feeling of bereavement deep inside . Even if we do not penetrate its perpetual growth for 5 or more years , there is no guarantee how long it will take to recover. First it had to fight with poachers and now nature itself had its tax. We cannot left our dearest sundarban just to be a part of our memory , she has to be alive again, with the same evergreen charm, the same warmth and mystery .