Nov 12, 2007

when you have regained a long-lost treasure !!

That was the moment, a truly unbelievable moment...and I thought it would never come ! and I still can't it real ! I lost it, I yearned for many times, so long a time...I hoped that a day will come when I would find it again...
It happened quite a several times , I woke up in the morning and the first thing came to my thought--this can be the day !", and it wasn't, for sure. Again, I walked across the street and for a moment , it glimpsed in my mind..this can be the road where I would find it again..and then I got my conscience back by the harsh street noise.
And then I learned to live without the least hope to find whatever I was seeking for so long ! And I made my heart forget , forget to hope for, to crave for...I was amazed by this power of forgetfulness, when brain triumphs over heart and life becomes less painful ( as you forget the difference of joy and sorrow , just left with a dull feeling of nothingness ) .
Then one day , just out of nothing , a ghust of wind brings back a trace of memory you left far back in time , then everything you decided to forget starts to reincarnate before you , you can feel that still you are but a human! all those moment of bliss, all affliction that had made you up, whirl around you and drive you to the singularity where life gives you a second chance to choose !
And I thank Almighty ( who else to thank ! ), that He brought back to me such a treasure that I always have revered. It's never late, no matter how long ,it's always worth waiting !