Oct 13, 2007

Eid Mubarak...

And again another Eid has come today !! It's the first Eid after I have started my carrer, so it's very special for me. It's again the same old routine for Eid day....get ready with new dress & ornaments, visit all relatives , and after a whole day of gossiping and eating, seat before the TV , try to watch "SPECIAL" rubbish programmes !

In every other country, people get discount on purchase in occasion of festival, but as we are Bangladeshis, we ought to be exceptional, so we raise the price of everything, specially things that are essential in Ramadan. We don't even complain for this anymore, that's our own way !
The streets of Dhaka is quiet and traffic-jam-free for these few days as many people have left the city to meet their near and dear ones, yesterday I went to the mall with my sister , mom was away with her sisters...ya we had our fun while they have theirs ! Anyway, Eidee is another unmissable part of Eid, this time , as I have my own job now, I think I cannot escape from giving Eidee to my little cousins..so I have kept aside new bundles of notes for them, hope they spare me for little amount.

When I was younger , I used to get up in the roof along with my sisters and cousins
to see the new moon which brings the message of Eid. And dressing up with new clothings was trully a matter of rejoicing that time. Children are so blessed with the power of being happy with every little bliss Allah has bestowed upon us !! So lucky they are !!!

Whatever, still Eid is really a wonderful part of our life, don't know why, whether I enjoy the Eid day or not, the very thought brings a rush of joy in mind, all the month-long preparation , all these long9ing just for one day, however boring or interesting that day really happens to be, the excitement of preparing for Eid never looses its charm !

We try to keep a smiling face all day long, try to serve every one with the very best of hospitality, to show everyone that we are as happy as them (or even more )! Not a single trace of cobweb in wall, no dust in the furniture, no disparage in expression, no harshness in speech; Everything seems so perfect, so colourful, like we have nothing more to want for !!!

And when the day is past, again we return to ourselves, return to the real world, our weary , exhausted world , waiting for another Eid to come !