Sep 29, 2007

Ramadan and Loadshedding..

it's mid Ramadan..the most important month for the muslims, we are observing fast , expressing our devotion to Allah by not taking any food and drink from dawn to dusk, and still.....we are facing load shedding, unbearable temperature and most painful->scarcity of water ! today i started to write something on my blog and out of nothing i heard my ups making that annoying sound of sound notifying power failure, and it was 4 times this very day and it took 1 hour for each spell of load shedding ! when i got back home from BUET overcoming the huge traffic jam and burning sun, i hoped to get relaxed a bit; but no way, it was power failure again. no matter which government rules us, it is our destiny to undergo these punishment for being born in a country which stands first every year for extreme corruption !

Ramadan is the month to practice austerity , but it seems now it has become the period when people get more prodigal extravagant with their can't even think of what will happen after nest 2 or 3 years...may Allah help us all to choose the right path !