Sep 29, 2007

Isaac Asimov ...the master of science fiction ..

At last i have finished reading all seven novels of the legendary FOUNDATION series by Isaac Asimov. i came by the first book Foundation(the first episode) when i just passed higher secondary in 2001 and was totally spell bound by the writing style and the power of the story. I just had to have the other ones..but the books were very expensive and i dared not to spend that lot of money that time..
at last the bangla translation had been published for three of them ..
"foundation and empire"(episode 2)
"foundation's edge"(episode 4)
"foundation and earth". (episode 5)
i bought " foundation's edge " from "ekushey boimela" of Bangla academy on February 2002 and "foundation and earth" on 2003. After reading these three in bangla I was lucky to get "the second foundation" as a gift from one of my friend, it was the original English version and one of the most thrilling one for me, the other one is "foundation and empire" . Though I have not read them in order as they are intended to be read still it was not impossible to get the excitement !
True to say, I was not at all happy with the ending in " foundation and earth", just felt that Asimov is not writing with full passion, he was just using his reputation to deliver a best seller without concerning about the readers' satisfaction...

The story of the foundation was over , but to satisfy the readers hunger for more from this series another 2 books of this series was published, these two deal with the past history of the foundation ! .. by this time i got accustomed with computer and internet and downloaded all 7 . But reading soft copy from the computer monitor is still difficult for me.. I started to read "Harry potter and the deathly hallow " before and gave up :( !! but this time I was determined ! and at last i finished the whole "Prelude to foundation" (the pdf I downloaded ) and it was the first complete eBook i have finished reading . Now i am really excited and am getting used to it...
the last novel of this series(and the last book of Asimov ) "Forward the foundation" has just disappointed me. it is not only boring, also repetitious ! But at least I realized one thing .. i was a science fiction fan from my school life and read as many si-fi as i could get..and most Bangladeshi writers who are filling their pocket and bank account by writing si-fies are doing nothing but copying the idea of Asimov and Arthur C Clarke-- the same plot, same story with a little change here and there .

However, the first four were tremendous, if you are a true si-fi fan , don't miss them at all !!