Jul 22, 2007

a great article ...about intelligence

yes, this one is really a great one. i was hugely moved reading this article on IEEE 's SPECTRUM magazine' s April edition. Jeff Hawkin revealed a newer vision about thinking. he is working in this field for a long time and going on with new energy and idea everyday.
here anyone can get the online version of this article:

Learn Like A Human

By Jeff Hawkins


for years scientists are trying to resolve the mystery of human brain..how we really think, and they are not stuck with only human thinking, rather trying to build machines that can think! To make intelligent machines , our first job is to define intelligence , what actually makes us different and superior to all living beings. what makes us intelligent is our learning power, we learn from experience , we gather ideas through our perceptions, the more we learn the better we perform, and the faster we think. Our brain is nothing but a general purpose learning machine!

"One of the baffling aspects of the brain is that it decides what to learn on its own !"

in this article Jeff talks about HTM model , the outcome of intense research of numenta institute. He established this institution out of his interest about human intelligence and thinking process, though his field was electrical engineering. This new start really inspired me greatly ..a person never gets old if he always strives for knowledge, his thirst for new idea always keep him active and lively. And in the field of INTELLIGENCE computer science and neurobiology walks hand in hand , you never get tired however long this walk is ...you reach a new world and this is so exciting, you never feel bored. At every step, you find something new, and the truth is, all of these are actually inside you, the more we go through, the more we know about ourselves !!